EarthDay 2018

Whole ecosystems are wiped out. The immense amounts of carbon dioxide block the breath of boundless Oceans. Of millennial Forests. Of the clear and iridescent Atmosphere. It is a genocide (silent and invisible for those who want to ignore it) perpetrated by man against Nature. Ecosystems are composed of Plants. Trees. Coral. Animals. Which are wiped out by deforestation. Wiped out by the rising of the waters. Dried by desertification. Destroied by immense fires. And soon, very soon, even from glaciations. No, it’s not a fantasy movie. The problem is not just global warming. These are things that are already dramatically clear. Airplanes pollute the air. The ships pollute the seas. Cars. The industries (small and large). Everything contributes to the destruction of very delicate natural balances. It is absurd to think that any activity (energetic or alimentary) of man damages Nature. But, despite the possibilities of producing even clean energy, unfortunately it is still so. Modern daylighted cities are technological wonders. Masterpieces to admire. But how much does this waste of resources cost in environmental terms? While the illuminated part thrives, the dark part of the planet (once full of Uncontaminated Nature) dies to pay for this boundless luxury. What can the world population (which is constantly growing as also energetic demands…) do against these great issues? We can not ignore this Emergency. We can not lock ourselves in our comfortable surroundings and think that Environmental Catastrophes happen thousands of miles away from us. All the beauty of Pristine Paradises will sooner or later be a distant memory. Endangered species increase. Natural space decreases. Urgency is to change our habits. Habits of Food. Habits of Energy. Don’t waste the Water! We must create a real empathy with the Nature that surrounds us. Close and far. And we must hope in an (utopian) union of governments to create an ever more resolute and compact front to face seriously the preservation of our Unique and Marvelous Home.

Why does the Bear roar? Because he lost his home. Because he himself has become a distant memory. A memory of ice. Which soon will melt…

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