Marcello Granese Arts – Brief Excursus

On this site I will share all my works. Photos, Digital Art (Still Image And Animation) Videos and Music. I don’ t create relaxing photos of spectacular landscape. I don’t create soft close up. My photos are pictures of Nature. I like to capture a kind of ‘thought’ of Nature. What do Nature think about human being? How does Nature react to the suffering and to the love induced by the human being on Planet Earth? I like to retouch photos up to the technical limits of noise and definition to create ultra-defined photos. Sometimes disturbing. Sometimes very colorful. In my Digital Art I try to transfer all my passion for science fiction and mythology. But…of each discipline I face, I trie to make clear a unique and recognizable style. A galaxy, a cloud, a plant or a flower must have all the same style. My style. Good navigation!